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FVS proposes for sale or rent tablets with different size ans models to meet your needs of mobility and adaptation.

To replace a faulty IFE system or to propose an improved service to your passengers, the tablets onboard are became an essential product.

Providing tablets onboard is a good way to decrease substantially the installation costs too expensive of a IFE embedded system or the compensation costs for the badly passengers due to a failed system.

Added or not at a portable or embedded WIFI system, tablets begin THE solution to equip in IFE the aircrafts short and medium hauls as well as low-cost flights without IFE system.

This quality tablets can store the usual contents (movies, series, documentaries, news, music, video games) with others attractive programs and financial interest by a decrease of paper costs (digital press, flight magazine, menus, duty free,…).

FVS also insures the supply of the same quality content than embedded, the rent, the maintenance and the logistics for tablets onboard :

  • Creation and integration of GUI and apps to your needs
  • Negotiation of all contents
  • Delivery of tablets onboard the aircrafts
  • Inventory of these equipments with the cabin crew at each arrival and departure
  • Battery charging
  • Supply of external extra batteries
  • Cleaning of the screens
  • Maintenance
  • Content upload
  • Replace of faulty tablets