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FVS has his own laboratory located at the head office near CDG airport which allows us to answer very quickly and in the best way to your requests.

Our own video laboratories based in various airports are in charge of all IFE duplication formats and video production :

  • Recording and duplication of worldwide TV news bulletins by satellite reception
  • Compression, encoding and content loading for VOD system MPEG 1- 2- 4 (Paris only)
  • Recording, duplication and editing
  • All format duplication (AVOD, VOD, VHS, Hi8, DVD, Betacam, I-PRAM, Flash cards…)
  • Audio production and duplication
  • Transcodage SECAM, PAL, NTSC
  • SECAM, PAL, NTSC transcoding
  • ZODIAC-SIT system integration
  • FVS is the exclusive integrator for Zodiac Aerospace’s SIT System and is responsible for :
    • receiving recent and classic movies from Hollywood Studios requiring strong security policies. These movies are encoded in Hollywood studios’ labs and sensitive contents are sent encrypted to FVS using a secure file transfer protocol.
    • receiving recent and classic movies from all international studios on master or using a secure file transfer protocol.
    • decrypting recent Hollywood Movies.
    • luring all movies following SIT luring process. SIT encryption method has been approved by all Hollywood studios
    • linking contents with their synopsis and images using a tool specific to SIT system.
    • defining contents availability dates.
    • preparing content updates and delivering these on a content loader (2.5” solid state drive or laptop, depending on the airline choice).
    • controlling the content loader integrity in order to avoid on-board issues during updates.
    • sending the content loader where the update will be done by Zodiac technicians or by the airline’s maintenance department.
    • FVS’ facility has been inspected by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) in 2009, complies with its security requirements and has been selected as an approved facility by all Hollywood studios.

The laboratory department based in Paris also produces :

  • Safety instructions and public announcements
  • Relaxation programs
  • Video magazines
  • Airlines’magazine and leaflets
  • Airlines’personalized presentation
  • Metadata (synopsis…) requested by the integrators

Our main laboratory is located at CDG airport near Paris. Our other laboratories located at Orly, Marseille, Toulouse, Nouméa, la Réunion, Dakar, Hanoï and Papeete can also supply and deliver contents on board your aircraft.